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Sample Stand

Here's a simple "recipe" to make a set of compatible stands. Following the instructions below will cost about $10 per stand. You can improve on the price and/or features by being creative, but keep in mind that failed experiments cost money too and the method below is tested and guaranteed to work.
  1. Order this list from CorSec:
  2. At the hardware store, get:
    • 8x 2" steel washers (OSH has them for $0.40/ea, or $0.32/ea if you buy a box of 25)
    • Gorilla glue
    • A can of Krylon Fusion yellow spray paint
  3. Use the Gorilla Glue to glue 2 washers to the bottom of each CorSec hex base (clamp them tightly for 24 hours while they dry - Gorilla glue expands!). These add needed weight to the base so the plane is harder to knock over when the rod is extended.
  4. Spraypaint the underside of each green indicator yellow.
Each time you play, screw together a rod, dial, indicator and hex base. The color of the indicator indicates the skill of the pilot, and where it points indicates the speed.