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Hex Mats

Plain and flocked hex mats with 1.5" or 2" hexes, in 3'x3' or 4'x6' sizes. Not ideal choices, but reasonably cheap compared to the competition.

Terrain Mat
Some of the nicest looking mats made anywhere. Each one is a handmade, unique piece of art, intended to look like terrain under the feet (or keels) of miniatures. You can ask for customizations, too. These mats may be a bit overwrought for dogfight gaming, but they are available with hex grids. Note that there is a long lead time (weeks or months) and the cost of shipping from the UK is outrageously high (which is not the fault of the manufacturer).

Excellent, durable, very attractive, but Hotz has an extremely variable service reputation. Some people get their orders within weeks, some have to wait months, some get nothing without endless nagging, and some never get their order at all.