Original web store for Raiden 1/285 planes and accessories, still in operation but now owned and run by I-94 Enterprises. Has these steel standoffs for making your small plane models stick to spherical magnets (they work really well!). Also a place to buy the Check Your 6! rules and campaign books.

Owner of Raiden and Scotia Collectair models. This web site is not a functioning web store, so check the Raiden site for what you want to buy. If it isn't there you have to email, mail or call to order it.

Luftwaffe 1946 range of 1/300 late-WW2 and post-WW2 planes, real and hypothetical. Includes La-9, Yak-9, and Tu-2. Good proportions and reasonable detail, though castings are somewhat hard and brittle, and tend to have a lot of flash. Hidden bonus: shipping is free on orders over $100.

Small and slowly growing selection of exquisitely detailed 1/285 WW2 and modern planes. Very expensive. Proportions of some planes appear exaggerated (their Sabres look fat!).

Small selection of 1/285 WW2 and modern era jets. Excellent detail, great proportions, superb castings, but many models are multi-part and therefore fragile for wargaming with super magnets.

1/300 planes, low quality but cheap.

Resin planes in multiple scales, and accessories for dogfight games. Most complete Korean War range in existence, in 1/200 scale resin. Has some 1/300 scale resin models for modern era, including B-50, and planned 1/300 B-29 (not yet released).

Accessories for dogfight games.
Accessories for dogfight games.

Decals, books, some planes. No web store, can no longer travel to conventions, orders by phone or snail mail. SMS decals are also available from I-94 Enterprises by request.

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