This is the web site of the Dogfight Club. We meet on regularly scheduled Fridays in the Santa Cruz area for drinks, snacks, pleasant company, and of course a good brawl with fighter planes. Dogfight Club gatherings are meant to be low-intensity, light commitment, and regularly scheduled so that it's easy to get involved and easy to make time to attend. Occasional visitors are perfectly welcome, and it's expected that only a portion of the membership will make it to any meeting.

The game organization is deliberately potluck - we fight a dogfight with whatever period-appropriate planes show up with the players. Just like real dogfights, you never know what you're going to meet in the sky, but you can be sure it's going to try to shoot you down. This approach helps ensure that we can have a game with only two people or with a dozen, because busy people can't make it to every game.

The basic requirement for being a "regular" member is that you own the Check Your 6! rules and at least one squadron of four 1/300 scale fighters appropriate to the current campaign. We play with 1/300 and 1/285 scale planes because they're cheap, easy to find, easy to decorate, and easy to play with. The low barrier to entry should encourage players to contribute to the event with their own toys, and this in turn increases personal enjoyment and engagement with the group. Since many of us are habitual miniatures gamers who can't own "only" four fighters, there will usually be "loaner" squadrons available for occasional guest players and new recruits, and frequently also squadrons of targets (bombers and ground attack planes) to shoot at or protect.

To further increase player commitment to the games, regular players get "named pilots". These are ongoing characters listed in a roster associated with each campaign who gain experience and skill with each successful mission survived. Pilots who shoot down more enemy plains gain experience faster.

If you've enjoyed Dogfight Club so much you want to be a regular part of it, just send a request to be added to the mailing list.